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Roundtail is a revolutionary bicycle frame designed by LUCIO (Lou) TORTOLA in November of 2010.

Inventor and entrepreneur Tortola, has been an avid distance cyclist for over 20 years. The revolutionary new bicycle frame design has been registered with the World Intellectual Property Organization and has received registration number DM/075 018. Design patents have been also filed with the U.S. and Canadian Patent office, and a Utility Patent is pending that will provide worldwide patent protection.

The RoundTail® Provides:

In addition to cycling, Lou has a passion for cars.

As a good friend of racing enthusiast Brian Conlan (the original “BC”) for over 30 years, Lou also founded RacingCoiloversUSA.com to deliver premium quality racing products alongside premier quality customer service. If you’re a racing enthusiast then visit RacingCoiloversUSA.com and RacingCoiloversCanada.com.  Looking for the very best in motorcycle riding gear? Visit us at MotorcycleSurplus.com.


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